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Watch Band Express Adjuster

Watch Band Express Adjuster - The Morning Star

Watch Band Express Adjuster

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  • Just buy any steel watch you like, even online. Never worry about adjusting the strap any more 
  • Worn out watch straps become loose and not comfortable. Well, you've just found the perfect tool!
  • As easy as 1, 2, 3. Our gorgeous Grannies can use it without any problem!
  • Durable and long-lasting. You even can start adjusting your neighbors' watch bands and be famous ;)

The adjuster is only suitable for steel straps/bands with nails or pins, up to 23mm

Method of use:

  • Loosen the handle of the adjuster
  • Try to find arrows on the links and follow the direction of the arrows
  • Put the watch strap on the adjusting platform
  • Line up the pin you want to remove next to the needle of the adjuster 
  • Gently rotate the handle toward the strap, following the direction of the arrow
  • Voila, the strap pin pops out 
  • After adjusting, screw in a pin to re-attach the links 

Material: Plastic
Weight: 40g
Length: 10cm
Color: Blue